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July 26
RT @PRODUpublicidad: Orci (@OrciAdvertising) inspires LGBTQ+ community with I Am Who I Am campaign…
July 26
RT @SweatandCo: "I can always go to sleep knowing we put our employees first. But has every brand I’ve ever worked with done that? We have…
July 23
As Creative Director of Production, @allenperrr holds fast to the belief that innovation is not only a driver, but a key differentiator when it comes to setting any campaign apart from the pack, and he’s a master. Read more:
July 21
For our ongoing #Pride2020, we're proud to collaborate with @JayQartistry —a chameleon, whose life and upbringing shine. His queer, Latinx, and able identities are strengths innately a part of him "You are who you are."
July 20
.@marinafilippell will join the @sweatandco crew 7/21 at 9:30 am PDT to explore how agencies are taking stands in this crucial moment and using their voices to address social issues & ideally move all of us forward--brands and creatives alike. Register:
July 15
Have you registered yet? Our CEO @marfilippelli will speak with #DSatHome, 7/16 at 11:30 am PST/2:30 pm EST about how to build and sustain social community especially in these social distancing times. Register for this interactive, online event in here :
July 9
#Pride is more than a set of colors—it's about people. Rey Ortíz is a proud openly gay Boricua fashion designer, whose frocks have become a part of the expression and practice of some of the most powerful drag performers. Read more at
July 8
: Consumers are craving connection in these social distancing times. Our CEO @marinafilippell will speak with #DSatHome, 7/16 at 2:30 pm, PST about how to build and sustain social community. Register for this interactive, online event here:
July 7
#LGBTQ+ people are celebrated every June, but sometimes, those proud rainbow colors tend to fade once July hits. But they don't have to as we're continuing #PRIDE and showcasing the stories of incredible individuals who make us proud.
July 1
#Pride isn’t just a holiday—it’s a state of mind that exists all year round, in all its diversity. We're committed to celebrate it beyond June! So we’re proud to collaborate with #JaylaRoxx, an entrepreneur and proud Black trans woman. Read more at