A Message From Andrew Orcí Heading Into 2024

Looking back at 2023, I can proudly say that it was a great year at Orci—filled with moments of incredible collaboration, effort, engagement and impact generated on behalf of our clients—and a stronger year economically than most predicted. Despite rumors of an inevitable recession, the year ended with the stock market hitting record highs, coupled with reductions in inflation and unemployment: Trends which bode well for a strong 2024, and which will undoubtedly present our industry with its fair share of growth opportunities.


Which is to say that things look bright.


And yet, I also know 2024 won’t be without its challenges… socially, culturally, politically. And that fact presents an incredible opportunity for brands and the agencies that support them to be a source of light within that haze, the opportunity to be a calming, reassuring voice amidst a storm. The chance to uphold principles of inclusivity and plurality, while echoing the very best of humanity.


Because, after all, we’ve been through difficulties like these before—tumultuous election cycles—and we know what people need and want. And together, with the brands we support, agencies like Orci will help answer that need. Perfectly positioned to ensure that diverse voices are not just represented but celebrated. Not just heard but heeded.


Together, we will continue to advance the mission of our founders: To create marketing that matters. Although we lost my mother, Norma, this past summer, I know in my heart that she would be incredibly proud to know that her legacy isn’t just living on in name, but in practice, as we help brands earn the right to engage with audiences of all kinds.


And with that in mind, I’m eagerly looking ahead to a year of abundance—abundant feeling, abundant gratitude and abundant support for all of the things that truly matter. From all of us at Orci, we wish you a happy 2024.




Andrew Orci