Norma Orci



When I started as a junior copywriter at Noble & Asociados, Mexico’s then-largest ad agency, the most important thing I learned was that the meta-objective of every ad was to build and strengthen the relationship between the brand and the target consumer.

To accomplish this, my job was to find the best way to connect with the target, and demonstrate how the brand fit into and enhanced their life.

When my husband Hector and I started La Agencia de Orcí to address the U.S. Hispanic market, we expressed this philosophy as Capturing Share of Heart®. This not only guides our creative team, it also helps our clients to understand their Hispanic target and the important role that emotions and relationships play in brand selection and perception.

And best of all, our clients experience the benefits of our approach because of the results we consistently generate. Macau 5D pulsa 5000slot thailand