Byron Beach



Digital media is a synonym for constant change.

Just as fans today can experience the story of Winnie the Pooh on a Kindle, in a video on a tablet, in a Facebook post about a ride at a park or even in a bound paper book, digital content needs to adapt to the many channel requirements while retaining the strength of traditional storytelling. I have a history of helping brands adapt to a changing digital landscape by driving measurable business results.

Having worked for many years on both on the client side and the consultant / agency side, I understand how to listen to the needs of multiple stakeholders and craft strategic marketing solutions that are informed by technology and data.

For 10 years, from 1996 to 2006, I worked as a Marketing VP for a series of digital startups juggling the need for efficient measured results with a test-and-learn approach where risk taking was rewarded. The work I am most proud of has been working with multicultural campaigns during the last 10 years helping deliver culturally relevant content to audiences.

Digital media has accelerated the need for content that is targeted and relevant and I am convinced the future for brands is in finding multiple ways to tell their story because the monolithic media market has been forever shattered by the digital media revolution. I have worked with both nimble startups and large brands including Ford, Chase, Aflac, Bank of America, Electronic Arts and

As VP of Communications for the nonprofit SubArtSF, I worked for a year in close coordination with Google as a Google Bay Area Impact Challenge winner learning how to apply all the digital tools Google had to offer to make a positive social impact and bring art to public placemaking.