2022 Honda SUV Lineup Campaign

Among Latinx consumers, Honda means DQR (Dependability, Quality, Reliability). When the SUV lineup was launched under a rugged positioning, they had a hard time connecting the brand and this new idea. What did we do?


First, we positioned the SUV lineup under a powerful concept: LAS SÚPER PODEROSAS DE HONDA.


Then, we reinforced every element of the campaign: impactful demonstration of the vehicles, copy that reminds us of the indomitable spirit of Latinos, relevant, powerful Latino music and, to wrap everything up, we identified two real Latino athletes to provide authentic testimonies: Eric Yorba, a professional dirt bike rider, and Humberto Rivera, an accomplished triathlete.


The campaign was strengthened through social media under the concept of RUGGED RULES FOR LIFE, where our athletes provide inspiration and show off Honda’s SUVs capabilities.


The result: A ruggedness campaign that talks effectively to its target audience.