Lupita Campa



First and foremost, I am a firm believer that doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance and happiness in your life. The personal proof is in the ever-present smiles, joy, love and laughter our family of five shares year after year. It is also professionally evident in the passion and success that I bring to every situation I face at Orcí and with our incredible clients.


For over 20 years, my hands-on accounting and financial management experience within start-ups and multi-million dollar organizations has led to driving companywide efficiency that improves bottom‐line profit. The skills that have proved critical in realizing these accomplishments are that I am a very good listener, I have a strong work ethic, I thrive by interacting with others and I accept complicated situations as positive challenges. But the true reward is, again, the happiness and financial gain we all realize in the process.


I feel incredibly blessed that I work for an agency like Orcí, where I can contribute and make this fortunate difference to each team member, every client we work with and the incredible company as a whole.


When I’m not putting my best foot forward at the agency, I’m putting it on any trail I can find. I love hiking with my family, friends and dog. Macau 5D pulsa 5000slot thailand