Juan Jose Quintana



I began my advertising career as copywriter at DMB&B Mexico. Since then, I have enjoyed a depth and breadth of experience in many product categories, both in Mexico and in the U.S. LatinX market.

My work with U.S. Latinos began with Orcí in 1989 as Creative Director. Here, I introduced many major brands to U.S. Hispanics, including Honda, Allstate Insurance, Verizon, KFC and many others.

After more than a decade at Orcí, I then worked with The Bravo Group/San Francisco, the D’Exposito agency, and Grupo Gallegos. I attribute the results I’ve generated for my clients to my focus on understanding each brand’s target, in great depth and detail, in order to build strong and lasting relationships. This is what I’ve done for brands as diverse as Comcast and Honda, Pepsi-Cola and Verizon, Allstate and Nestle.

My return to Orcí has been like a homecoming. I value the culture here, and resonate with this agency’s core values of Quality of Work, Quality of Service, and Quality of Life.

Besides my creative work, I am a certified chef and I find that the two worlds are very similar. You take different ingredients/ideas and combine them intelligently to create a specific dish/piece that’s tailored to the taste of your guests/target. Delicious!