Allen Perez



I have over 20 years of experience in advertising and production, having produced hundreds of advertisements in all disciplines and platforms of the industry for many brands, always delivering strong production value. I have produced in Europe, South and Central America, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Born the youngest of three boys in my native Guatemala, I moved to Mexico for a short time prior to arriving in California at the age of 10. Living in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Feliz, my passion for production and the visual arts started early. I worked at a local video store during my high school years, where I would frequently encounter people in the film industry, including some notable examples: Danny DeVito and writer Frank Miller. While they were checking out their videos, I would start asking questions and would just absorb what they had to say. I’m sure they don’t remember me, nor do they know how influential they were in my life.

I studied, photography and film production at PCC in Pasadena, LACC in Los Angeles, UCLA, Video Symphony in Burbank, as well as courses in digital advertising with certificates in editing, audio editing, mixing and motion graphics. I have also taken a number of management and leadership courses: Management Action Program in Los Angeles, Second Wind in Chicago and the Berlin Creative School of Leadership. Currently I sit on the board of directors at Orcí Advertising.

I have a passion for advertising, and for me, it goes beyond making advertisements. We don’t just create ads. We influence people. That’s a big social responsibility.