Marina Filippelli



I believe successful campaigns are grounded in respect for the target and creative that strives to see beyond the expected, and inspire what is possible.

With roots from Mexico and Argentina, I am driven by my passion for communications and the LatinX community. This is my second time working at Orcí, having started my career here before moving on to other like-minded, independent agencies like Zubi Advertising and Conexión, and working with a wonderful range of clients along the way, including American Airlines, Lincoln Mercury, GE Financial, M&M/Mars, Aflac, Allstate, MoneyGram and Bank of the West, among others.

A film lover by blood, I also took some time away from the agency world to work on an array of award-winning, multi-million dollar productions as well as independent and Oscar-winning box-office successes.

Most recently, I headed up the multicultural division of the independent creative agency Heat in San Francisco, helping to integrate Hispanic & General Market campaigns for a Total Market approach. I have now returned for a second tour at Orcí, managing Honda & Acura brands.

I am a graduate of the University of Miami with a specialty in International Studies, and in order to continue learning about our diverse world, I make it a point to visit at least one new city every year.