• We move the heart of the market with incisive strategy and break-through creative.

  • We have successfully launched over 30 brands into the Hispanic market, and worked with 90+ brands over all.

  • We collaborate with our clients other agency partners to promote synergy and cross-cultural relevance.




Our teams are flexible and collaborate to create the most effective and meaningful work for our clients, regardless of media channel or budget. We believe in the power of ideas that capture our consumers hearts and minds, whether that manifests itself in the shape of a 15 second Instagram video or a Super Bowl ad.


January 8
By marketers choosing to not pursue an earnest multicultural strategy, they risk leaving behind money on the table. How much? About $1.5-2.4 trillion according to some estimates. Read more on our latest #MusebyClio entry. https://t.co/XmzsMGAoTZ
January 6
Volume up for this one🔊. We created this #ASMR video, as part of our work, to highlight a shared cultural marker with a clip that builds sensory, tactile layers into a connective and heritage-rich culinary experience. https://t.co/zE6jxrfvXz
October 5
We have taken “Dear Spanish: You’re Sexist. Let’s Fix it” across the equator: Our @marinafilippell shared and extended cut of the thought-provoking presentation in Cartagena, Colombia for the 2019 edition of +CTG: https://t.co/Sk7On5Ex3b
October 4
RT @PRODUpublicidad: “En EE UU más de 22% de los latinos se identifican como LGBTQ+ y las marcas deben ser incluyentes” @marinafilippell, C…
October 1
Can the inherent sexism of the Spanish language be fixed? Discover how with @marinafilippell of Orcí at Cumbre Más Cartagena this Thursday, October 3rd at 6:15 p.m. #MásCartagena https://t.co/kpKWZyjJnc
September 30
Orcí made a guest appearance on this week’s @Adweek podcast to tackle the highs and lows of Hispanic Heritage Month 2019. Listen to the episode from “Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad,” and lend us an ear? https://t.co/yMRHyj0oAv
September 21
If you’re in New York, come see the presentation by @marinafilippell and Gina Jorge, Head of National Advertising for Acura: "Redefining the Luxury Automotive Segment among Hispanics." The chat will be held on September 24th at 2:15 pm at @advertisingweek -New York.#AWNewYork https://t.co/5sm0VMTkbh
September 14
RT @PRODUpublicidad: Héctor Orcí, fundador y presidente de @OrciAdvertising, fue homenajeado con el Lifetime Achievement Award de @ADCOLOR…
September 10
.@adage has recognized our small, but larger-than-life agency, with a silver Small Agency Award for culture, which is not only reflected in client work but in the lives and faces of every #Orcistas. https://t.co/I8sLDaZ8TT
September 10
We’re honored to be contributors in @Adweek inaugural daily newsletter, First Things First. Subscribe to read our article “How to have uncomfortable conversations with clients” by @marinafilippell https://t.co/3qjcDMmknx